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Sometimes it's OK to step into the role of a therapist by talking with the client about how they continue to be stuck in the past.(Required)
Check all that apply. During my coach mentoring and final Coach Evaluation Assessment, I want to focus on:(Required)
A powerful coaching question evokes insight and self-awareness from the client.(Required)
Check all that apply. The ICF’s Coaching philosophy supports the coach’s responsibility to:(Required)
To pass my iACTcenter Certification and the ICF credentialing exam, I must demonstrate all the coaching competencies in 20-30 minutes.(Required)
Check all that apply. The International Coaching Federation's (ICF) Core Coaching Competencies include:(Required)
Check all that apply with regards to your graduation process from the IACTCenter:(Required)
Check all that apply to how you know a client is ready to take action.(Required)
Which is the worst question to start a coaching session with?(Required)
Check all that apply.(Required)
Best (1)234Worst (5)
What was that experience like for you?
What else?
What might you do different?
What did that feel like?
What else is worth exploring today in this session.
What does the acronym T.O.M.S.S. stand for at the beginning of a coaching session?(Required)
The “client” in coaching is the person who is paying for or sponsoring the coaching sessions.(Required)
When in a coaching session, when does the coach need to inquire about the client's topic?(Required)
How many ICF Core Coaching Competencies are there?(Required)