Congratulations on completing the CORE Course! You have reached a significant milestone and are over halfway through your training. Way to go! Your commitment, perseverance, and determination are shining through.

Following is the CORE Assessment. Please allow approximately 30-90 minutes to complete this assessment. You will need to complete it in one sitting. After you complete the assessment and hit "submit," you will receive an email with your results. If you don't notice them arrive in your email, check your spam in case it wandered over there by mistake.

To pass, you must score at least 80% on this assessment. You can retake it as many times as necessary to reach that goal.

Questions? Please reach out to Abby at
Please list the semester you started the IACTCenter. For instance, May '22, January '23, and September '21.
Check the statements that contain accurate information regarding the iACTcenter graduation process.(Required)
Sometimes, it's OK to step into the role of a therapist by talking with the client about how they continue to be stuck in the past.(Required)
To successfully pass my iACTcenter Final Evaluation Performance assessment, my coaching must demonstrate all eight core coaching competencies.(Required)
Check all that apply: The International Coaching Federation's (ICF) Core Coaching Competencies Include.(Required)
Which is the worst question to start a coaching session with?(Required)
What is the best answer for when a coach asks about the client's topic during a coaching session?(Required)
A powerful coaching question aims to evoke insight and self-awareness in the client.(Required)
Check all that apply: The ICF's Coaching philosophy supports the coach's responsibility to:(Required)
How many ICF Core Coaching Competencies are there?(Required)
The "client" in coaching is the individual who is paying for or sponsoring the coaching sessions.(Required)
Best (1)234Worst (5)
What was that experience like for you?
What else?
What might you do different?
What did that feel like?
What else is worth exploring today in this session.
What does the acronym T.O.M.S.S. stand for when used at the start of a coaching session?(Required)
Check all that apply: During my Final Performance Evaluation, I want to submit a recording of my coaching demonstrating the following skills or competencies (check all that apply):(Required)
Check all the boxes that contain true statements about coaching.(Required)
Please check all that might indicate a client's readiness to create a follow-up plan or action steps with the most likelihood of them following through.(Required)