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Please list the semester you started the IACTCenter. For instance, May '22, January '23, and September '21.
Check all that apply. Potential causes for ADHD type symptoms include:(Required)
Check all that apply: Symptoms of ADHD in children and adults might include:(Required)
There is one place in the world that ADHD does not impact:(Required)
All people outgrow ADHD and its symptoms and challenges:(Required)
Check all that apply: Characteristics of clients with ADHD that might reach out to an ADHD Life Coach include:
There is an official medical diagnosis called "Executive Functioning Disorder."(Required)
Check all that apply. The following are abilities associated with the executive function:(Required)
Medications to treat ADHD are called "stimulants" because they stimulate a person to be very active.(Required)
A classification of medications used to treat ADHD are called “stimulants” because they activate/stimulate the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain.(Required)
Check all that apply. The following are potential indicators of Sensory Integration Disorder:(Required)
It’s important to identify a person with ADHD strengths because these can be leveraged to help manage their challenges.(Required)
The best “job” for someone with ADHD is one that reflects their interests, talents, passions, and values.(Required)
Shame is an uncommon feeling for someone with ADHD.(Required)
Check all that apply. Emotions that a person with ADHD may experience include:(Required)
The current most common treatment approach suggested for ADHD is the multi-modal treatment approach.(Required)
Check all that apply. Common reasons people may not experience a positive response from ADHD medications include:(Required)
Check all that apply. The profession of Coaching has evolved out of the following studies and disciplines:(Required)
The largest regulating body of coaches that defines the guidelines and standards of coaching is the International Coaching Federation (ICF).(Required)
To be certified as an ADHD Life Coach you need to graduate from an approved Coach Training Program by the International Coaching Federation(Required)
Check all that apply. Benefits people experience from ADHD Life Coaching include:(Required)
Common characteristics of successful ADHD Life Coaches include a deep passion for helping others struggle less with their ADHD, having ADHD themselves, caring for or loving someone diagnosed with ADHD.(Required)
Briefly list five things you now know about ADHD and professional coaching that you didn't know at the beginning of this course.(Required)