Congratulations on completing the Growth Course! You have reached a significant milestone and are over halfway through your training. Way to go! Your commitment, perseverance, and determination are shining through.

Following is the Growth Assessment. Please allow approximately 30-90 minutes to complete this assessment. You will need to complete it in one sitting. After you complete the assessment and hit "submit," you will receive an email with your results. If you don't notice them arrive in your email, check your spam in case it wandered over there by mistake.

To pass, you must score at least 80% on this assessment. You can retake it as many times as necessary to reach that goal.

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What are the two most important outcomes coaches hold for their clients?(Required)
Check all of the following that might be barriers to change for clients.(Required)
What is important about client motivation?(Required)
Check each of following that might “motivate” a client?(Required)
Which of the following is true for Maslow's Hierarchy of Motivation/Needs?(Required)
You need to feel motivated to accomplish anything.(Required)
A toleration is something we put up with. It can be distracting and drain energy from a client while trying to ignore it.(Required)
Check all those that apply with respect to the importance of core values in coaching:(Required)
Old beliefs and old rules develop naturally from childhood experiences.(Required)
Beliefs are not necessarily facts.(Required)
Knowing our strengths, positive qualities, learning style, love language, etc. can help in creating unique and individual strategies with our clients.(Required)
Check all that apply regarding personal boundaries:(Required)
Check all those that might apply to barriers a client might have to change:(Required)
We hold our clients to be creative, resourceful, and whole when we advise, suggest, and direct them in the coaching.(Required)
Check all that apply. Ways we can identify a client is stuck in a cognitive distortion is when they:(Required)
Cultural influences include a person's country, family, neighborhood and school experienced while growing up.(Required)
Check all that apply. Culture influences our client's perspectives and beliefs about:(Required)
Check all that apply to honor the coach's role of holding the client autonomous, self-responsible and accountable:(Required)
The most important role we have as coaches is to provide solutions, answers, strategies and tips for our clients.(Required)
To stay within the coaching role/model and ethics, we need to ask permission to share our thoughts with a client and always follow up inquiring about the client's response to our thought.(Required)