About This Guide

At the International ADHD Coach Training Center (iACTcenter), we want you to understand what is expected of you and what you can expect from us.

This Student Guide is designed to support you and clarify how we can best work together to get the most out of your training. This will ensure that your learning at the iACTcenter is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience!

Please read the manual thoroughly. Before beginning classes, you must sign, scan, and submit the form on the last page of this guide to: Assist.iACTcenter.com

Getting Started!

It can be overwhelming to start a new training program and study your own, or a loved one’s, ADHD, to complete the steps to graduation, finish the application process, and establish yourself as a Certified ADHD Life Coach™. The training at the iACTcenter reflects over 20 years of experience preparing students to become coaches and create the foundation for their coaching business.

Coaching is an out-of-the-box profession unlike any other!

You will learn many new concepts, have new experiences, and consider various perspectives in this training.

You may initially have differing views on some of what you are learning or how it is being taught. If you notice this, we ask you to embrace a coaching mindset by staying curious, open, and nonjudgmental. To step out of your comfort zone, trust the process of ADHD Life Coaching and the guidance of our experienced trainers with over three decades of experience. Contact classmates, family, friends, colleagues, and faculty members/class instructors for clarification and support if needed.

NOTE: On the last page of this Guide is a Required Signature Page to complete and return, letting us know you have read through and understand the content of this Students Guide. Send to assist@iACTcenter.com

Our Goals

Our goals at the iACTcenter are to prepare our graduates to:

  1. Become confident, skilled ADHD Life Coaches.
  2. Stand out as professionals with a specialty and expertise in working with persons with ADHD in various settings worldwide; and,
  3. Enjoy the fulfillment that a successful coaching business brings.

Our training is based on great respect for the profession of coaching, the science of ADHD, and the research that moves both areas of study forward together.

We Believe Coaching is a Calling!

An ADHD Life Coach™ is a coach first, as defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). ADHD Life Coaches are armed with the coaching skills and competencies that have prepared them to coach the whole person, not just their ADHD.

We also believe that coaching persons with ADHD requires additional expertise above and beyond the standard coaching skills competencies. Therefore, our goal is for you to be well-trained, informed, and have access to many resources. In addition, we prepare you to coach a broad spectrum of situations that an ADHD client may bring to coaching.

Through our training, you will learn the art, science, and practical application of ADHD Life Coaching to ensure the best possible chance of success for every one of your coaching clients.

Standards and Guidelines

To provide the highest level of training and service, we have established specific behavior standards for your learning environment. We expect nothing less than always to conduct ourselves in a coach-like manner.

The iACTcenter has the right to change our policies, procedures, rules, and regulations at any time. Changes will become effective when the iACTcenter determines it is necessary. Changes will apply to prospective students, currently enrolled students, and graduates. Changes will be announced to you via email or newsletter. You are responsible for consistently reviewing communication from the iACTcenter so that you are aware of any changes.

NOTE: We have iACTcenter-wide standards that we ask you to review and uphold. Corrective action may be taken if you violate these standards, including dismissal from the training program with no tuition reimbursement.

Our Learning Environment

An essential part of the training environment at the iACTcenter is to create an atmosphere where you feel safe, have fun, build community, grow, and learn. For this to happen, we have a policy of “no question is a dumb question,” and any question is a learning opportunity for everyone in the class!

We also want to model respect and support different learning modalities.

One of the benefits of coaching is that it can occur anywhere in the world where people can connect. This may be via phone or video interactive technology.

We recognize that students have various learning styles:

  • We understand that auditory learning is only some people’s strength.
  • We encourage visual processers to use mind maps to track the information, tactile learners to take notes, verbal processors to ask questions, and kinesthetic learners to move around if needed during class.

We do our best to honor everyone’s different learning styles and, at the same time, encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone.

To minimize distractions during our online classes, please note the following regarding the Zoom chat function:

  • The Zoom chat function is available for general messaging, but private chat is unavailable.
  • Students will be able to download a copy of the chat with the understanding that this is a confidential transcript that cannot be shared.

NOTE: The Zoom chat must be treated with the same confidentiality as the recordings; They are not to be shared with anyone outside of your class.

Your Faculty & Staff

All iACTcenter faculty are credentialed coaches with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We are proud that our faculty members come from various backgrounds, education, cultures, and specialties, allowing them to enrich their classes with their experience.

A listing of the faculty and supporting staff is on the iACTcenter website. To learn more about them, check the FAQ or “Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions Section” at www.iACTcenter.com, and get to know them more on our website under Meet the Team.”

Throughout your training, the faculty will model and use coaching skills during classes, coaching labs, and other iACTcenter meetings to facilitate your learning of the coaching competencies, skills, and coaching process. You may not even be aware when they apply these skills!

We know you will understand that the faculty reserves the right to support a positive classroom learning experience. They may sometimes need to redirect the focus or topic or ask students to practice brevity in their responses. (Both coaching skills!)

iACTcenter’s ICF Approval Status

The iACTcenter is proud to be one of only a handful of ADHD Coach training programs to have received approval since 2015 from the ICF. This approval is only awarded to programs that meet rigorous coach training standards!